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When you haven't been to the dentist in a while, start off with a simple cleaning to make sure your teeth are in tip-top shape. Affordable Family Dental is a family dentist office in Chelsea, Massachusetts, offering gentle routine exams, orthodontic services, and cosmetic dentistry for everyone from children to seniors.
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General Dentistry

Since 1996, we have been providing general dentistry to the Chelsea area. You should have a dental cleaning performed by a professional dentist or dental hygienist every six months to prevent excessive plaque buildup, which can lead to unhealthy gums and tooth decay if left untreated. A routine cleaning that only takes 25-30 minutes includes scaling, root planning, and polishing.

Nitrous Oxide Available

The benefits of nitrous oxide are many, and the risks are few. The gas is administered with a comfortable mask placed over the nose, while the patient is instructed to breathe in through the nose and out through their mouth.


Dental braces are used to align teeth and their position with regard to a person's bite and correct malocclusions, such as underbites, overbites, cross bite, open bites, deep bites, crooked teeth, and various other cosmetic or structural flaws. They are also often utilized in conjunction with other orthodontic appliances to widen your palate or jaws or shape your teeth and jaws.

Cosmetic Procedures:

  • Implants
  • Crowns
  • Cosmetic Bonding
  • Fillings
  • Bridges
  • Veneers
  • Tooth Whitening

Purpose of Crowns:

  • Replace a Large Filling with Little Tooth Structure Remaining
  • Protect a Weak Tooth from Fracturing
  • Restore a Fractured Tooth
  • Attach a Bridge
  • Cover a Dental Implant
  • Cover a Discolored or Poorly Shaped Tooth
  • Cover a Tooth with Root Canal Treatment
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